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"Simplified Guide to Buying and Selling real estate"

Do you want to get into real estate but aren’t sure where to begin? I’ve created a helpful guide to simplify buying and selling and provide a solid understanding of real estate processes. The information provided here is a brief summary of what is included in the guide. Click the link at the bottom of the page to download your very own copy of my "Simplified Guide to Buying and Selling Real Estate".

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or a first-time buyer this guide is a great roadmap for navigating buying and selling real estate.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in this guide further, please feel free to text, call or email me. You can also check out my social media, including YouTube channel for helpful videos on buying and selling in the beautiful Okanagan.

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Choose the Right Agent

Communication: Regular updates and transparency are essential. A reliable agent keeps you informed and addresses your concerns promptly.

Loyalty and Honesty: Ensure your agent prioritizes your interests, avoiding conflicts of interest. Transparency and honesty, even when inconvenient, are vital.

Hard-working: A committed agent consistently puts in effort, utilizing all available resources to secure the best offer for your property.

Agent's Roles in the Selling Process

Pricing: Set the right price for your property.

Connections: Linking you with a mortgage broker and lawyer.

Forms and Contracts: Explain and assist with necessary documentation.

Marketing: Strategically promote your property.

Showings: Organize and follow up on property showings.

Offer Handling: Reviewing, presenting, and negotiating offers.

Finalizing: Concluding the offer and ensuring a smooth transition.

Assistance in Next Purchase: Helping you find your next home or referring you to a qualified agent.

Remember, choosing a professional real estate agent is crucial for a successful buying and selling experience.

Costs to consider

Real Estate Agent Commission

  • Average commission: 7% on the first $100,000, 3% on the remainder, split between agents.
  •  Seller responsible for GST on commission.

Legal Fees

  • Costs range from $1,000-$2,500 depending on the firm and sale complexity.

Mortgage Discharge

  • Penalties may apply if selling within the mortgage term.
  • Penalties vary; consult your lender for details.

Additional/Optional Expenses

  • Move-In/Move-Out Costs
  • Additional Marketing
  • GST Considerations
  • Home Staging Costs
  • Pre-listing Home Inspection

Kelowna home for sale

Next steps

Price it Right

  •  Consider outstanding mortgage amount.
  • Conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for accurate pricing.
  • Assess market conditions (buyer's, seller's, or balanced).
  • Balance conservative and aggressive pricing strategies.
  •  Avoid pricing yourself out of the market for optimal results.


  •  Invest in professional photos for listings.
  • Utilize multiple platforms for property exposure.
  • Consider hosting an open house to attract potential buyers.

Offers and Negotiation

  • Review all offers, even those not ideal.
  • Negotiate based on priorities (price, closing dates, conditions).
  • Communicate bottom lines to your agent for effective negotiations.

Closing Time

  •  Confirm firm offer, sign contracts, and consult with the lawyer.
  • Finalize packing and prepare for the next property.
  • Clean the property thoroughly or hire a reputable cleaning company.

Your agent's role is crucial in every step of the selling process, ensuring a smooth transaction and maximizing your return.



The number of years it takes to repay the entire amount of the financing based on a set of fixed payments.


The process of determining the market value of a property.

CLOSED MortgageS

A mortgage that can not be prepaid or negotiated for a set period of time without penalties.

Closing date

The date on which the new owner takes possession of the property and the sale becomes final.


An asset, such as term deposit, Canada Savings Bond, or automobile, that you offer as security for a loan.


A sum of money deposited in trust by the purchaser on making an offer to purchase. When the offer is accepted by the vendor (Seller), the deposit is held in trust by the listing real estate broker, lawyer, or notary, until the closing date of sale, at which point it is given to the vendor.


The difference between the market value of the property and any outstanding mortgages registered against the property. This difference belongs to the owner of that property.


A mortgage is a loan that uses a piece of real estate as a security. Once the loan is paid-off, the lender provides a discharge for that mortgage.


The period of time the financing agreement covers. The terms available are; 6 month, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10 year terms, and the interest rate will be fixed for whatever term one chooses.