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The Westbank community in West Kelowna seamlessly combines urban amenities, natural beauty, and affordability. Situated just a short distance from Glenrosa, residents of Westbank enjoy easy access to the finest offerings of West Kelowna. Noteworthy is the community's proximity to the Westbank First Nation communities, providing a distinctive cultural experience, along with convenient access to local beaches. Diverse housing options cater to every buyer in Westbank, spanning from first-time homebuyers to families seeking budget-friendly alternatives. Condos, townhouses, and single-family homes are available, offering flexibility to match individual needs. Potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of leasehold land for some properties, necessitating consultation with a realtor for informed decisions.Despite its affordability, Westbank doesn't compromise on amenities. Quick access to a plethora of restaurants, drug stores, department stores, and more ensures residents have everything they need close to home. Whether one is starting a family, retiring, or seeking a budget-friendly option in West Kelowna, the Westbank community stands out as an excellent choice.

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Neighbourhood Highlights

Westbank First Nation leasehold properties in West Kelowna involve a unique land tenure arrangement. These properties typically have homes built on land leased from the First Nation, where homeowners pay lease fees to use the land. It's essential for potential buyers to be aware of the leasehold nature of the land, as it can have implications for financing and property ownership. Consulting with a knowledgeable realtor is crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions associated with Westbank First Nation leasehold properties.

Schools & Parks


  • Sensisyusten House of Learning
  • Hudson Road Elementary School
  • Chief Tomat Elementary School
  • Constable Neil Bruce Middle School
  • George Pringle Elementary School
  • Mount Boucherie Secondary School 

Parks & Beaches:

  • Westbank Centre Park
  • Gellatley Heritage Park
  • Goats Beach Regional Park
  • Pebble Beach
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Westbank First Nations: https://www.wfn.ca/

Westbank First Nations Community Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/westbankfn/